Auto Pump Tester

Product Code: 091-205


  • 150 PSI Max
  • Used to test operation
  • Used to test pump valve leakage
  • Used to test and adjust pressure switch
  • 2 year warranty

Warranty 2 Year
Weight 9 lbs
Input Hose 1/4 Inch Diameter
Input Hose Length 18 Inches
Input Hose Fitting 1/4 NPT Male
Maximum Pressure 150 PSI

The Auto Pump Tester is a 0.5 gallon tank with a pressure gauge, bleed valve, and an air line that acts as a reservoir. The unit is for testing Auto Pumps in the field. The system is designed to simulate a vehicle’s air system.

In the repair and servicing of the Auto Pump it is necessary to measure the pump's capacity, that is, how quickly will the pump pressurize a given tank. Also it's important to measure the maximum pressure that can be attained. Leaking seals and gaskets will limit the maximum pressure as will dirty or warn valves.
A service technician will normally want to measure the pressure at which the pressure switch turns OFF the pump and when the pressure drops, to measure the pressure at which the pump is restarted. The AUTO PUMP TESTER contains a pressure gauge to measure pump output pressure and a "bleeder valve" to reduce tank pressure to determine the pump startup point.