Auto Pump® 12V HP, 125 PSI

Product Code: 091-9C-12V-HP-VER


The Auto Pump 12 Volt HP, Air Compressor system, is a compact electric motor operated single cylinder air compressor designed specifically for installation on vehicles with air brakes. During long idle periods of the vehicle when even the slightest seepage can cause an air brake system pressure to drop below the brake lockup pressure, the Auto Pump automatically starts to maintain the pressure. The unit also has an automatic water separator that drains the water from the separator bowl whenever the pump is cycled.


  • 12V, 11A, 125 PSI Max Rating
  • Vehicle mount compressor ensures the truck’s air brake system is properly pressurized for immediate dispatch from the station
  • Pressure switch regulated operation automatically senses low pressure in the air system and restores the proper pressure, preventing brake lock-up
  • 15A circuit breaker installed in pressure switch
  • Factory set PSI actuation points: 105 “ON”, 125 “OFF”
  • Adjustment differential 20 PSI, 125 PSI max.
  • Pressure gauge provides system status
  • Output: 0.30 SCFM @ 80PSI, 0.35 SCFM @ 60PSI
  • No interference with an engine mounted air compressor
  • Sealed ball bearings for long service life
  • Vertical Mount
  • Includes an Auto Drain: Automatically purges the water separator bowl every time the compressor cycles off via a 12V solenoid. It also eliminates the manual draining chore for maintenance personnel.
  • Maintains Air Brake System Pressure
  • Compensates for System Leaks
  • Manual Drain
  • 125 PS

Input Voltage12
Auto DrainYes
Input12 Vdc @ 11 Amps Max
Output0.30 SCFM @ 80PSI, 0.35 SCFM @ 60PSI
Factory set PSI actuation points105 "ON", 125 "OFF"
Weight6 lbs.