Open Door Alarm-Audio Annunciator

Product Code: 091-178-8


  • Designed to Work with Any Open Door Display
  • Any Open Door Sounds Audible Alarm
  • Fits in Standard Eaton Rocker Switch Opening
  • Available with Custom OEM Marking
  • Compact, Easy Installation
  • 3 year warranty

The Model 091-178-8, Open Door Alarm, panel is designed to work with any of the 091-178 Open Door Displays. When a door on the vehicle is opened, an LED on the Open Door Display lights to indicate which door has opened. The Open Door Alarm panel detects the LED current, and energizes a small buzzer.

Dashboard Accessory Switch Type ngr
Alarms yes
Displays yes
Alarm/Display yes
Warranty 3 years
Weight .25 lbs
Wire Size 22 AWG, 18 Inches