Auto Current 5

Product Code: 091-22-5


  • Senses current flowing in and provides remote indication that a load is operating
  • Simplifies vehicle wiring
  • Single indicator activates from many inputs
  • 3 year warranty

The Auto Current detects current, and closes a switch when the sensed current flows, to provide a remote indication. Designed for applications where a remote indicator must be illuminated when one or more lights, or other loads are energized. By detecting load current any one, or more than one lamp, or other load will cause the indicator to light. The indicator circuit may be completely isolated from the circuit being sensed, or may be operated from the same battery.

All units are available as -G for operating indicator by grounding.

Input 12 Vdc
Warranty 3 Years
Weight .25 lbs
Resistance 0.02 Ohms
Switch Rating 5 Amps
Minimum Operating Amps 0.25 Amps
Maximum Operating Amps 10 Amps