Mini Single Bar Graph Display

Product Code: 091-234


  • 10 LED Bar Graph battery status display
  • Detects HIGH and LOW voltage on the vehicle battery by flashing the top or bottom LEDs, respectively 
  • Works with all new generation single output 
  • Kussmaul Battery Chargers
  • Designed for easy installation in vehicle switch panels 
  • 3 year warranty
Warranty 3 years
Temperature Range -40F to 120F
Input Current 30mA, Max
Cutout Size 1.45” x 0.83
Bar Graph Range 12-13 +/- 2% (bottom to top)
Low Voltage < 12.0 VDC (bottom LED flashes)
High Voltage > 14.8 VDC (top LED flashes)

The Mini Single Bar Graph Display 091-234 is a universal display containing a 10-LED bar graph to indicate the vehicle’s battery status. The top or bottom LED’s blink to indicate HIGH VOLTAGE or LOW VOLTAGE is detected, respectively. The switch is designed to fit into a standard 1.45” x 0.83” panel cut-out.