Air Line Alarm

Product Code: 091-248-N


  • Audible alarm sounds and LED illuminates to alert driver when air line is connected and vehicle is running
  • 85 dB alarm
  • Built-In LED Indicator
  • Designed for easy installation in vehicle
  • switch panels
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • 3 year warranty 

The 091-248, Air Line Alarm, alerts the driver with an audible alarm and red LED indicator if the Air Line is connected while the vehicle is running. Once the Air Line is disconnected, the alarm and LED light will turn off. The Eaton SVR (091-248-S) type is designed to fit into a standard 1.45” x 0.83” panel cutout while the Eaton Euro (091-248-E) and Eaton NGR (091-248-N) types are designed to fit into a standard 2.26" x 1.17" panel cutout.

Dashboard Accessory Switch Type NGR
Input 10-16 Vdc, .030 Amps Max
Output 85 dB alarm
Warranty 3 years
Weight .25 lbs
Indicators Device Powered: Red LED
Cutout Size 1.73" x 0.87"