Product Code: 425-2988-0


  • Provides long duration voltage stabilization, electronics on-line with internal battery which is maintained by vehicle battery
  • Upon sensing low or loss of input, internal battery continues to provide supplemental power: 8A for 15 minutes, 12A for 8 min., and 18A for 2 min
  • Timer disconnects output 15 minutes after loss of input
  • Absorbs line "spikes" and filters out electrical interference
  • Configuration with front panel power switch optional
  • 3 year warranty

The NAV-PAC protects electronics from voltage spikes, power surges, momentary power losses, abrupt voltage changes and noise interference on incoming DC Power to MDT's, GPS, Chart Plotters and other onboard electronics prone to memory loss or crashes. 

NAV-PAC is a solid state device which provides pure power to navigation by performing several essential functions like: voltage spike protection, R.F. noise filtering, back-up power, warning of imminent loss of power, timed disconect ciruit and low battery disconnect circuit.

Input 12 Vdc, Nominal Charging: 13.8 - 14.4 Vdc
Output Filtered, Voltage Spike Protected With 20 Amp Battery Back-Up
Warranty 3 years
Weight 6 lbs
Operating Temperature 0-50 C
Back-Up Volts 12.0 Vdc Nominal, from 5 A/H Internal Battery
Back-Up Amps 8 Amps for 15 Min., 12 Amps for 8 Min., 15 Amps for 2 Min
Battery Sealed Lead-Acid, Rechargable 5 A/H, 5-7 Years Typical Life
Filtering Audio Through 200 MHz
Voltage Spike Potection 100 Joules, 4,000 Amps Max