Power Distribution System, PDS-100

Product Code: 390-5711-0


  • Quick and easy way to connect, protect, and program power to emergency vehicle accessories
  • Provides 6 dedicated fused circuits configured in 3 load group to power radios, emergency lights, siren, video, MDT, radar, and more
  • Each circuit is fuse protected with LED indicator which identifies the blown fuse position, simplifying trouble shooting
  • Master Low Voltage Disconnect protects batteries from extreme discharge
  • Heavy duty studs for battery connections
  • Screw terminals for secure load connections
  • Increase circuit capacity by wiring multiple PDS using parallel busing kit
  • Flexible circuit activation/deactivation allows installer to set battery power use priority independently per 2 circuit Load Group:
    • Powered Only With Ignition
    • Timed Disconnect
    • Always On With Load Group LVD
    • Always On, No Load Group LVD

The PDS-100 provides emergency and public safety vehicle electronics installers with a convenient, efficient, safe and dependable method for adding distribution, circuit protection, timer and power control to communication electronics and electrical devices. Its compact size allows installation under consoles and in interior compartments (not intended for installation in engine compartment). As a standalone power distribution system, there is no interference with the vehicles factory installed wire harness; the PDS wires directly to the vehicle battery. Each of the 6 circuits are individually fused (ATO /ATC type) and wired to power-on/fuse fail indicator LED’s which simplifies circuit troubleshooting.

Input 12V, neg. ground
Warranty 3 years
Weight 2 lbs
Power Consumption Idle: 8mA, Active: 180 mA/circuit
Maximum Load per PDS 100A, 20A max. per fuse position
Maximum Load Per System 3 PDS wired in parallel, 18 circuits
Fuse Type ATC/ATO (not included)
Programmable Shutdown per Load Group 2 min. – 13 hours
Master Low Voltage Disconnect @ 10.5V (factory programmable 10.0 - 11.8V)
Case Powder coated aluminum
Bus Nickel plated copper
Protective Cover Top panel connections and switches