Load Manager Mark IV-AT

Product Code: 091-75-AT


  • Sheds 9 Loads
  • Automatically Sheds Loads to Prevent Electrical System Overload
  • Eliminates Power Surges in Electrical System
  • Provides High Idle Control to Increase Alternator Output Before Shedding Loads
  • Load Shed Priority Programmable Independent of Sequencer
  • 3 year warranty

The Load Manager Mark IV AT is a 9-channel sequencer and load-shedding controller operating 9 vehicle installed relays. In addition a High Idle control speeds up the engine to increase alternator output prior to shedding loads. Upon closing a Master Switch to initiate the sequencing, the 9 outputs are energized sequentially at approximately 1/2 second intervals. Upon shutdown they are de-energized similarly.

In addition the Load Manager Mark IV AT monitors the vehicle's battery voltage. When electrical loads exceed alternator output, the voltage drops. Load Manager Mark IV AT senses this and if brake/neutral safety switch/pump interlocks are satisfied, then a high idle output is generated and the load shedding begins. If the interlocks are not satisfied, then no high idle output is obtained but load shedding proceeds.

A programming switch permits the installer to limit the sequencing to 5, 6, 7, 8, or all 9 outputs. Sequencing operation is completely independent of the load shedding control. The 9 outputs are shed individually when the system voltage sensed is low. The priority is completely random so that any output can be programmed to be the first to shed. Any other output can be second and so forth. Programming is easily changed even after installation with the DIP switches provided. If some critical loads, which the installer determines must never be shed, are connected to the Load Manager Mark IV AT, the programming switches may be set to never shed those loads.

An indicator is included to signal when the Load Manager Mark IV AT is active and when it is in the Load Reduce mode.

Load Management yes
Loads 9
Input 12 Vdc
Output 40 Ohms to Drive Relays
Warranty 3 years
Weight 2 lbs