Load Manager 2

Product Code: 091-79


  • Sheds 2 Loads
  • 30 Amp Relay Contact Rating
  • Monitors 12 Volt System and Detects Low Voltage
  • Automatic Reset when Voltage Rises
  • 3 year warranty

The Load Manager 2 is a simple, compact assembly for installation in applications that require the shedding of only 2 loads. The D.C. input is monitored, and when this voltage drops below the set point, one relay is operated. When the voltage drops an additional .5 volts, the second relay is energized. The relays have both normally open, and normally closed contacts available for complete flexibility in wiring. Easily installed, the Load Manager 2, may be adjusted in the field for a range of set points, varying from 10.5 to 13 volts D.C.

Load Management yes
Loads 2
Input 12 Vdc
Warranty 3 years
Weight .5 lbs
Relay Contacts 2 Relays, 30 Amps
Current Relay "ON" - .20 Amps, Relay "OFF" - .020 Amps
Set Point 11.5 Volts