Auto Isolator 3

Product Code: 091-208-3-12


  • Three battery system that must be isolated from each other
  • System receives its power from the Battery 1 input
  • Any of the 3 batteries go above 13.2 volts all 3 batteries are paralleled by the solenoids being energized thus charging all 3 batteries
  • Battery voltage of the 3 connected batteries goes below 12.6 volts all 3 batteries are disconnected by the solenoids being deenergized
  • 3 year warranty
Warranty 3 years
Weight .5 lbs
Output Current 3 Amps Max
Battery Load .020 Amps
Volts to Parallel 13.2 Vdc, Field Adjustable
Hysteresis 0.60 volts (13.2 volts on - 12.6 volts off)

Volts : 12 Vdc

Coil Current : .45 Amps

Contact Rating : 200 Amps Continuous, 600 Amps Surge

Weight : 2 lbs

Warranty : 3 Years

The Model 091-208-3-12, Auto Isolator 3 system, is a lossless isolator replacement for the conventional diode isolator. Designed to be installed in a vehicle with an three battery system that must be isolated from each other. The system consists of a voltage detector controller Model 091-208-12 and two separate 200-ampere rated solenoid, Model 091-139-SOL-12HO for switching the batteries.