Power Save Timer

Product Code: 091-191-115


  • 30A relay, 120V operation
  • Automatic 1 hour "On"/"Off" cycle
  • Ideal for cycling power to block heaters, reducing power consumption costs:Typical block heater draws 1200W, use of Power Save Timer reduces average load to 600W
  • Indicator light displays when in 'Power Save' mode
  • Input for bypass switch for easy setting of full time operation when desired
  • Compact plastic case
  • 3 year warranty

The Model 091-191-115 Power Save Timer limits the duty cycle of an A.C. load to 1 hour "ON" and 1 hour "OFF". In normal operation, the load runs continuously. Continuous operation in most cases is not necessary, and only consumes power. The Power Save Timer reduces the ON time to 50% thus cutting power consumption in half. A bypass switch may be installed to permit full time operation when full power operation is desired.

Input Voltage 120 Vac
Warranty 3 years
Weight 1 lbs
Input Current 20 ma - Heater "ON", 5 ma - Heater "OFF"
Relay Contacts 30 Amps
Timer yes