Super Auto Eject Deluxe Cover with Digital Display

Product Code: 091-55-194X-XXX


  • Incorporates Auto Eject Cover and Indicator in one product
  • Cover with lid that opens 180 degrees
  • Displays volts and amps on the vehicle battery and indicates status with 3 digit number
  • Available in amperage options ( indicate amps when ordering X*)- 194: 40A ,194A: 15A, 194B: 20A, 194C: 80A.  Use tab below for compatibility chart
  • Includes premolded rubber gasket
  • Works with most Kussmaul battery chargers.
  • Available in color options ( indicate color when ordering XXX**), Blue(BL), Black (BLK),Gray (GY),Red (RD), White (WH) and Yellow (YW)
  • 3 year warranty

Warranty 3 years
Temperature Range -40F to 120F
Input Current 50mA, Max
Low Voltage <12.3 VDC
High Voltage >14.8 VDC
Cord 16 feet
Cord Type 20 AWG, 4- conductor
Volts and Amps Meter +/-1%

12 volt : Order amperage substitute the 'x' with following- 091-55-194X*-XXX

  • 194:  40A 
  • Use 194A:  for 15A
  • Use 194B:  for 20A
  • Use 194C:  for 80A
  • Use 194E:  for AP 1500 Inverter Charger

24 volt : Order amperage substitute the 'x' with following- 091-55-194X*-24-XXX

  • Use 194A:  for 20A
  • Use 194B:  for 45A

The 091-55-194X-XXX-, Super Auto Eject Deluxe Cover incorporates an Auto Eject and Indicator built into the cover, easy-to-see indicator with volts and amps indicated in 3 digit numbers illuminated green LED lights. 16 foot cord included