Auto Reel with Auto Safe

Product Code: 091-220-20-120-AS


  • Automatic shoreline retraction and storage compatible with Auto Eject or by manual disconnection
  • Reduce tripping hazard and liability by removing hazardous cord on the ground
  • Increase productivity during emergency dispatch by automating the electrical disconnection process
  • Auto Safe disconnects power from the shoreline, and prevents hazards from a severed or wet power cord
  • Ceiling or Wall mounted – Curved edges for Safe and Easy mounting
  • Adjustable Guide Arm provides field adjustment for the slack length of wound cord
  • Robotically-welded heavy gauge steel frame, long life retraction spring, and high quality PVC hose offer maximum strength
  • Powder coat, corrosion resistant paint keeps it's quality consistent
  • 2 year warranty

The Model 091-220-20-120-AS Auto Reel with Auto Safe is a manual extension, spring retract reel containing a 45 foot long, 3 wire cable. The unit is designed to be either ceiling or wall mounted to provide single phase, 120 volt / 20 ampere power to ambulances, fire trucks, service vehicles and other emergency vehicles. Usually but not necessarily, used with a vehicle mounted Auto Eject, the Auto Reel automatically retracts the shoreline to remove it from the floor and eliminate the tripping hazard. Automatic retraction occurs whenever the load current through the reel drops to zero either due to an automatic ejection of the shoreline, by the Auto Eject, or by a manual disconnect initiated by the vehicle’s operator. In addition, the Auto Reel with Auto Safe disconnects power from the shoreline to eliminate any shock hazard from a severed or wet power cord.

Auto Reel with Auto Safe Yes
Warranty 2 years
Weight 31 lbs
Reel Cord Length 45 ft.
Cord #12 AWG
Cord Type SJO
Length 14 5/8 in.
Width 9 3/8 in.
Height 13 1/4 in.
Auto Reel / Intl Yes
Volts 115 VAC
Amps 20 Amperes