Mobile Data Power System (MDP)

Product Code: 425-5750-0


  • Mobile Data Power System Protects mobile computers against system crash, lengthy reboot sequences, and loss of data 
  • Internal battery provides supplemental 12 volts to mobile data devices when low vehicle battery is sensed: 5A for 60 minutes, 10A for 20 min., and 25A for 8 min.
  • Contains time out circuit to preserve battery
  • Built in Multi-Stage filter provides clean power required by mobile electronics 
  • Provides low output warning signals to mobile computers (such as Motorola® MW 800 series work stations)
  • Internal 3 stage, temperature compensated charger maintains internal 9 A/H back-up battery in fully charge stand-by state
  • Optional Timed Load Disconnect
  • 3 year warranty
Input 12 Vdc, 28.5 Amps Max
Output 12 Vdc Filtered
Warranty 3 Years
Weight 10 lbs
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 C
Back-Up Volts 12.0 Vdc Nominal, from 7 A/H Internal Battery
Back-Up Amps 5 Amps for 60 Minutes, 10 Amps for 20 Minutes, 25 Amps for 6 Minutes
Battery Sealed Lead-Acid, Rechargable 7 A/H, 5 Years Typical Life
Internal Charger 2 Amps Max, 3 Stage, Temperature Compensated
Filtering Audio Through 200 MHz
Voltage Spike Potection 100 Joules, 4,000 Amps Max