Time Delay Relay - DODO

Product Code: 091-103-012-D


  • 30A contacts
  • Relay closes immediately and remains closed for a time period after being de-energized
  • Time delay, field adjustable
  • Easy installation
  • 3 year warranty

The Model 091-103-012-D, Time Delay Relay, is designed to keep a load energized for some time interval after the load is de-energized. A typical application might be the control of lighting in the interior of the vehicle to permit operators' time for cleaning or maintenance. Thirty ampere, both normally open and normally closed output contacts are provided. The device requires 3 input connections. +12 volts power and ground to operate the relay, and a +12 volt signal. When the signal is applied the relay closes immediately. When the signal is removed, the relay remains energized for the length of the time interval.

Drop Out yes
Input 12 Vdc
Warranty 3 Years
Weight .25 lbs
Relay Contacts 30 Amps
Time Delay Set Point 10 Seconds
Time Delay Maximum 15 Seconds
Time Delay Minimum 4 Seconds