Safety Lock D

Product Code: 091-174


  • For Dodge/Chrysler vehicles
  • Activated when ignition key removed
  • When activated, engine remains on and shuts down automatically if controls are manipulated in attempts to move vehicle
  • Safety Lock override/re-start when ignition key is inserted
  • 30A relay contacts
  • 3 year warranty

Warranty 3 years
Weight .5 lbs
For Chrysler/Dodge Vehicles Only yes

The Safety Lock D permits an operator of a police car or ambulance to leave the vehicle without stopping the engine. This maintains the alternator output to run the radio, computer, and lights. The simple pressing of a button, and removal of the key, is all that is required. Upon the operator's return, the insertion of the key into the ignition lock returns the system to normal operation. 

The Safety Lock D when installed in a vehicle permits the engine to run with the key removed. Certain vehicles, namely Chrysler and Jeep, are designed with anti-theft components to prevent running the engine without an ignition key. The Safety Lock D is designed specifically to permit the engines to run with the key removed. A simple push-button switch sets the Safety Lock D. Unauthorized operation by a would be "Joyrider," or thief, is prevented as any attempt to shift the transmission into gear will stop the engine. Once stopped, the engine can only be restarted with the normal key. A Red LED in the push-button switch illuminates as a reminder when the Safety Lock D is set. 

A Pre-wired switch and connector is supplied with the Safety Lock D.