Auto Charge Pump WP Kit 57-46-3106

Product Code: 57-46-3106


The Auto Charge Pump WP Kit includes a Charger, a Display, an Auto Pump AC and a WP Auto Eject. The WP Auto Eject is recommended for installations where the rear of the Auto Eject is protected from the weather. This kit provides a complete vehicle charging system at an affordable price. 

The WP Auto Eject comes complete with Weatherproof Cover and Mating Connector. Please specify color cover when ordering. WP Auto Eject Covers Color choices are Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Gray, and Black. Yellow will be supplied if not specified.

Please note: the kit pictured to the left is for the 53-06-1106 only. This kit is the bundled products below. Click on the Bundle/Part Numbers below to view the specifications of each product

Please specify options when ordering:

  • Auto Pump: The 091-9B-1, Auto Pump AC, is supplied in this kit. The 091-9B-1-AD, Auto Pump AC with Auto Drain, can be substituted, at an additional cost. 
  • Auto Eject: The 091-20WP-120, 20 Amp WP Auto Eject, is supplied in this kit. The 091-18WP-120, 15 Amp WP Auto Eject, can be substituted, with no additional cost. 

Bundled Products

1 x Auto Charge 40/20


40 Amps @ 12 Volts DC

1 x Auto Pump AC


120 Volt AC

1 x Auto Eject 20 WP


120 Volts AC, 20 Amps