EV 20 Series Charger

Product Code: 445-5393-0


  • 20A, 12V charge rating
  • Clean output poses no interference with radios and other mobile electronics
  • 2 step charging, bulk-float, no overcharging
  • Lowest profile design, only 2.32" high
  • Auxiliary 15A output circuit with power source selector switch for operating accessory loads: air compressor pumps, hand lights or handheld radios
  • Heavy duty terminal block for secure connections
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • 3 year warranty
Charger with Battery Bank Single
Charger, Output Amperage 20
Battery Saver Only No
Chargers With Parasitic Load Compensation No
Charger with Remote Display included no
Chargers with Remote Display Options yes
Charger, Output Voltage VDC 12
Charger, Input Voltage VAC 120 or 240
Charger- Hz 50/60
International both
Charger, Low Profile Design yes
Charging Profile 3 step
Auxillary Output 15 Amp
Input 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3.1 Amps Max
Output 12 Vdc, 20 Amps
Output Fuse 30 Amps (Part Number: 090-0030-0)
Warranty 3 years
Weight 5 lbs
Charge Indicator Optional Remote Bar Graph Display
Auxiliary Output 12 Vdc, 15 Amps
Indicator Lights AC Ok, DC Ok, Auxiliary Power OK
EV Series yes

The EV Series Charger, Model EV-20, is a smart charger that provides rapid replenishment of batteries, with a clean, no electronic interference output. Front panel connections allow easy wiring of batteries, remote meter, and auxiliary loads such as hand lights/radios /air pumps. Get more battery charging power in a compact package that saves valuable compartment or under seat space in fire apparatus and other emergency vehicles.