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AC Master Panel


5 Breakers

30 amp double pole master breaker (15A or 50A optional)5 single pole branch capacity, 4 install.....

AC or DC Accessory Panel


16 Breakers

AC or DC master breaker (AC 50 amp* standard, 30 amp optional, double pole or DC 100 amp standard; 5.....

AC-DC Master Control Panel


16 Breakers

AC Circuits: Master (D.P.) 30 amp standard 50 amp optional, Plus 6 S.P. branch capacity, 5 inst.....

AC-DC Master Control


24 Breakers

AC Circuits - 2 loaded identical groups: Master (D.P.) 50 amp standard, Plus 10 S.P. branch capacity.....

AC-DC Master Control


20 Breakers

AC Circuits: Master (D.P.) 50 amp standard, Plus 8 S.P. branch capacity, 6 installed standard; .....

DC Load Center


10 Breakers

Accommodates one meter; analog standard. (DC 0-50A amp meter standard), or specify DC voltsMaster br.....

DC Master Panel


22 Breakers

DC volt and amp meter, back illuminated with dimmer4 battery bank test switchDC master breaker (100 .....

Showing 1 to 7 of 7 (1 Pages)