Auto Throttle 1

Product Code: 091-84


  • High Idle control
  • Increases alternator output
  • Simple, easily installed
  • Time delays eliminate cycling
  • Usable with any throttle actuator
  • 3 year warranty
Input 12 Vdc, 1 Amp Max
Warranty 3 Years
Weight .25 lbs
Indicators Red LED - Output "ON", Low Voltage Sensed Green LED, Output "OFF", Voltage Normal
Relay Contacts Normally Open - 30 Amps Normally Closed - 20 Amps
Set Point "ON" at 12.5 Volts (Field Adjustable), "OFF" at 13.4 Volts
"ON" Delay 15 Seconds
Off Delay 5 Minutes

System Kit - Diesel Using Air Pressure (Pull) - 091-84-DS.pdf (41 Kb)
System Kit - Diesel Using Air Pressure (Push) - 091-84-DSP.pdf (41 Kb)
System Kit - Gasoline Using Vacuum - 091-84-GS.pdf (91 Kb)
System Kit - 95-99 GMC 6.5L Diesel with ECM - 091-84-GM1.pdf (181 Kb)

The Auto Throttle 1 is a voltage detector, designed to operate any throttle system, to increase engine speed when insufficient alternator output drops the battery voltage. Time delays are provided to inhibit the unit from operating, when the voltage drops for only a short period of time. Then, once a high idle is produced, it is maintained for 5 minutes. This reduces the ON/OFF cycling.

The output of the Auto Throttle 1 is the closure of a relay, with 20 ampere contacts. This contact closure may be utilized to operate any actuator, or switch the input to an electronic engine control. Operation occurs when the unit senses less than 12.5 volts, for a minimum of 15 seconds. The relay then operates, to produce the high idle, and remains energized for at least 5 minutes, or until the voltage rises above 13.4 volts, whichever occurs later.

The Auto Throttle 1 senses battery voltage, and provides the necessary control signals to speed up the engine. It does not provide the mechanism to increase the speed. This is supplied by the installer.