Auto Interlock IV

Product Code: 091-197


  • 50 Amp capacity
  • Automatically transfers load from shoreline power to generator or inverter power
  • 4 pole, 50 ampere power contactor
  • 2 second to 10 minute time delay on transfer
  • Indicates source of power
  • Easy installation
  • 3 year warranty

The Auto Interlock IV is a 4 pole, 50 ampere power transfer relay which automatically transfers the 120 volt A.C. from the shoreline to the auxiliary generator when the generator is started. A time delay is provided to allow the generator output to warm up and stabilize before transferring the load. Timing is adjustable from 2 seconds to 10 minutes. In addition, indicator lights are provided to indicate which input is active and is being supplied to the load. When the generator is down, the load is returned to shore power. Easily installed, the unit operates completely automatic, requiring no operator intervention.

Warranty 3 years
Weight 5 lbs
Current Capacity 50 Amps Max
Time Delay 2 Seconds Minimum to 10 Minutes Maximum
Current Configuration 4 Pole, Double Throw