Auto Charge 12

Product Code: 091-165-12


For thrill-seekers who want to combine gambling with the ability to stay at home, exploring the best casinos to play mini games Chicken is a must. These virtual casinos offer a wide variety of games, and Chicken Game has become a popular choice among players looking for both fun and strategic thinking. When you're engaging in the intense vicissitudes of playing Chicken Game, you may also need a reliable source of power to power your gaming devices. That's where the Auto Charge 12 comes in, a fully automatic charger designed for cars with a single battery system. With its automatic charging capabilities, this innovative device easily replenishes the energy levels of your gaming devices, allowing you to focus on your immersive game without worrying about sudden interruptions.
  • 12A, 12V charge rating
  • Automatic operation regulates output to a single battery bank
  • Front panel amp meter indicates output current. Optional vehicle side mount indicator
  • Designed for rigors of emergency vehicle use; heavy duty aluminum case with protective front panel plate and wire strain relief
  • UL recognized     
  • 3 year warranty
In a world of Canadian low deposit casinos more where fun meets affordability, players are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance their gaming experience without breaking the bank. Just as these casinos are revolutionizing gaming accessibility, Auto Charge 12 is stepping into the automotive realm with its fully automatic battery charging capabilities. Similar to seamless transactions at Canadian casinos with low deposits, Auto Charge 12 simplifies the charging process for vehicles with a single battery system. Imagine a world where gamers can enjoy online gaming without significant financial commitment, and vehicle owners can effortlessly maintain battery life without the hassle of manual charging. As technology continues to evolve, these parallel advances in the gaming and automotive industries demonstrate a shared desire to provide users with affordable and convenient solutions that meet the demands of today's lifestyle.
Charger with Battery Bank Single
Charger, Output Amperage 12
Battery Saver Only No
Chargers With Parasitic Load Compensation No
Charger with Remote Display included Yes
Charger, Output Voltage VDC 12
Charger, Input Voltage VAC 120
Charger- Hz 50/60
International No
Charger, Low Profile Design No
Charging Profile Float
Input Fuse 5 Amps, Fast Acting
Input 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 Amps Max
Output 12 Vdc, 12 Amps
Output Fuse 25 Amps
Warranty 3 Years
Weight 11 lbs
Charge Indicator 0-15 Amps
EV Series No

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The Auto Charge 12 is a fully automatic battery charger for vehicles with a single battery system. Unique electronic sensing circuits sense the true battery voltage, while eliminating the need for external sense wires. The maximum output of the charger is 12 amperes. When the battery is fully charged, all charging stops. There is no overcharging, and no water boil off. It is ruggedly constructed for mounting in the vehicle.