Auto Power 2000W Inverter Charger

Product Code: 091-269-12-2000


Inverter: 2000 Watt Continuous / 4000 Watt surge
Charger: 100 Amps Max
• Parallel stacking enables the inverter/chargers to double
the available AC output power in inverter mode
• Temperature-compensated charging for varying climate conditions (BTS cable included)
• Compatible with Lead Acid,Gel, AGM and custom (Lithium)
• Battery over-voltage and under-voltage protection
• Automatic over-temperature shutdown, and AC output circuit breakers
• Pure sine wave output to operate sensitive electronics
• Advanced configuration options for customized  applications
• Built-in transfer switch automatically transfers between
inverter power and incoming AC power
• Power factor corrected multi-stage charger for fast,
efficient charging
• Conformal coated circuit boards for humid environments
• Ability to charge batteries drained to extremely low voltage
• Works with Kussmaul Super Auto Eject with Deluxe Cover with Digital Display
• Optional Remote Panel Switch with LED indicator
  ETL listed to UL458

Output Power 2000 Watts
Battery Type Lead Acid, Gel, AGM and custom (Lithium)
Output Voltage 5- 16 Vdc
Output Current Inverter 55 Amps, Charger 100 Amps DC
Output Frequency 60 Hz
Output Waveform Pure Sine
Weight 60.5

Battery Temp Sensor Cable

Model#: 091-269-005

Battery Temp Sensor Cable INCLUDED

Super Auto Eject with Deluxe Cover, Digital Display

Model#: 091-55-269-XX

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Remote Panel Switch

Model#: 091-269-006