Auto Power 1500W Inverter Charger

Product Code: 091-263-12-1500


Auto Power1500W Inverter Charger ( AP 1500 )

•    Inverter: 1500 Watt Continuous /4500 Watt surge
•    Charger: 55 Amps Max
•    Pure Sine Wave
•    Built-in automatic load transfer relay
•    Built-in high output 3 stage charger (1-hr boost)
     for rapid battery replenishment- programmable
     for various battery types; Gel, Lead Acid, or AGM battery
•    Automatic over temperature shutdown, and AC
     output circuit breakers
•    Charger will recharge depleted batteries with <1V
•    Automatic low battery shutdown at 10.5 VDC with in-rush delay
•    Power Save mode feature: automatically detects when a load is not connected to minimize energy consumption.
•    Heavy duty powder coated aluminum construction and conformal coated circuitry
•    Built to meet NFPA 1917 (KKK) Specification
•    Works with Super Auto Eject with Deluxe Covers
•    UL 458 Listed

Warranty 5 years
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage 120 +/- 3%
Output Current Inverter 20 Amps, Charger 55 Amps
Output Frequency 50-60Hz
Weight 38.5 Lbs


            091-200-IND                    091-194E-IND                   091-194E-IND-WT-XX

                                                     Status Center                   Status Center

                                                      Display                            in Watertight Case



  Super Auto Eject with                                                                    Super Auto Eject  with

Deluxe Cover with Bar Graph                                                           Deluxe Cover with Digital Display


Pigtail Accessory                                                                              BTSC (Battery Temp Sensor Cable)

18" Overall Length                                                                             Specify 20,25 or 30 ft when ordering

Model#: 091-263-003-18                                                                   Model#: 091-263-005-XX

Output Current:   55 Amps DC
Input Voltage:  90-135 VAC
Input Current:  12 Amps Max
Operating Temperature: -20˚ C to 45˚ C (-4˚ F to 113˚ F)
Weight: 38.5 lbs
Warranty: 5 Year

Unboxing AP 1500:

Installing AP 1500:

Settings AP 1500: