Super Auto Eject Deluxe Cover with Bar Graph Dual Output

Product Code: 091-55-239-XXX


  • Incorporates Auto Eject Cover and Indicator in one product
  • Detects high and low voltage on the vehicle battery and indicates status with a Red 10 LED Bar Graph
  • Cover with lid that opens 180˚ to prevent breakage
  • Includes premolded rubber gasket
  • Works with AC 4000 and AC 2000 dual battery Kussmaul battery chargers
  • Available in color options ( indicate color when ordering XXX), Blue(BL), Black (BLK),Gray (GY),Red(RD), White(WH) and Yellow (YW)
  • Call Customer Service for Kit options
  • 3 year warranty
Warranty 3 year
Bar Graph Range 12-13 +/- 2% (bottom to top)
Low Voltage < 12.0 VDC
High Voltage >14.8 VDC
Cord 20 AWG, 4- conductor
Cord Type 16 feet
Input Voltage 12 to 30 VDC (32V absolute) Input Current: 50mA, Max Temperature Range: -20C to 60C

The 091-55-239-XXX, Super Auto Eject Deluxe Cover incorporates an Auto Eject and Indicator built into the cover.The display contains a 10-LED bar graph to indicate the vehicle's battery charger status when used with a Kussmaul Auto Charge. 16 foot cord included.