Auto Power 1500W Inverter Charger

Product Code: 091-263-12-1500


Auto Power1500W Inverter Charger ( AP 1500 )


•    Inverter: 1500 Watt Continuous /4500 Watt surge

•    Charger: 55 Amps Max
•    Pure Sine Wave
•    Built-in automatic load transfer relay
•    Built-in high output 3 stage charger (1-hr boost)
     for rapid battery replenishment- programmable
     for various battery types; Gel, Lead Acid, or AGM battery
•    Automatic over temperature shutdown, and AC
     output circuit breakers
•    Charger will recharge depleted batteries with <1V
•    Automatic low battery shutdown at 10.5 VDC with in-rush delay
•    Power Save mode feature: automatically detects when a load is not connected to minimize energy consumption.
•    Heavy duty powder coated aluminum construction and conformal coated circuitry
•    Built to meet NFPA 1917 (KKK) Specification
•    Works with Super Auto Eject with Deluxe Covers
•    Includes 30ft battery temperature sensor (BTS) cable
•    UL 458 Listed

Warranty 5 years
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage 120 +/- 3%
Output Current Inverter 20 Amps, Charger 55 Amps
Output Frequency 50-60Hz
Weight 38.5 Lbs


Pigtail Accessory                                                                              BTSC (Battery Temp Sensor Cable)

18" Overall Length                                                                             15 ft Battery Temp Sensor (BTS) Cable

Model#: 091-263-003-18                                                                   Model#: 091-263-005-15


            091-200-IND                    091-194E-IND                   091-194E-IND-WT-XX

                                                     Status Center                   Status Center

                                                      Display                            in Watertight Case



  Super Auto Eject with                                                                    Super Auto Eject  with

Deluxe Cover with Bar Graph                                                           Deluxe Cover with Digital Display

Output Current:   55 Amps DC
Input Voltage:  90-135 VAC
Input Current:  12 Amps Max
Operating Temperature: -20˚ C to 45˚ C (-4˚ F to 113˚ F)
Weight: 38.5 lbs
Warranty: 5 Year

Unboxing AP 1500:

Installing AP 1500:

Settings AP 1500: