Auto Charge 4000

Product Code: 091-89-12


  • NEW- Low Profile 45 amps for charging vehicle battries
  • Designed for vehicles with dual battery system
  • NEW- Accommodates Lead-Acid, Gelled Electrolyte, AGM, and Odyssey® battery types
  • Auxiliary 15 amp output circuit with AC/DC selector switch for operating accessory loads: air compressor pumps, hand lights or hand-held radios
  • Power "On" LED indicator
  • System Status Indicator
  • Internal Cooling Fan
  • Also will work with Auto Eject with Deluxe Cover,  63-11-7106 (20 Amps) 61-11-7106 (15 Amps)

The New and Improved Auto Charge 4000 (Gen-2), LPC, is a low profile, microprocessor controlled, completely automatic, single channel battery charger designed for vehicles with a single battery system. This latest generation of LPC charger improves upon user selectable functions, which includes user selectable battery type. The LPC charger is also designed to withstand the shock and vibration encountered by vehicle-mounted equipment.

Power Indicator LED Power "ON"
Voltage Sense 12 Vdc, 5 Amps
Input 100-130 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 6 Amperes Max
Input Fuse (2) - 8 amp, fast acting, 5X20m
Output 12 Vdc, 45 Amps
Output Fuse 80 Amps
Charge Indicator Remote Dual Bar Graph Display -091-39-IND
Weight 7 lbs
Warranty 3 years