Auto Touch

Product Code: 091-222


  • Touch-On / Touch-Off switch
  • Built-in LED illuminates when switch is on
  • Lexan front panel for years of durability
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Designed for easy installation in vehicle switch panels
  • Available as toggle or momentary operation
  • When ordered as a toggle switch: place finger on ON/OFF area to toggle on and repeat to toggle off
  • When ordered as a momentary switch: place and hold finger on ON/OFF area to turn on
  • 3 year warranty 

The 091-222 Auto Touch is designed to fit into a standard (SVR) 1.45” x 0.83” panel cut-out. Connect the red wire to either +12 Volts continuous (battery positive) or switched 12 Volt power (ignition) using an 8 amp fuse. Connect the black wire directly to chassis ground (battery negative). The green wire is a switched ground. The low-side of the load should be connected to the green wire.

Use Model Number 091-222 when order the Auto Touch as a Toggle Switch and use Model Number 091-222-MOM when ordering the Auto Touch as a Momentary Switch.

Warranty 3 years
Weight .25 lbs
Cutout Size 1.45" x .83"
Switch Rating 5.0 Amps Max
Quiescent Current 0.020 Amps Max