StartGuard, Model #: 426-3222-0

  • Provides momentary voltage stabilization to electronics during engine start
  • Prevents programmed memory dump and re-Boot of microprocessor based voice and data transmitters
  • Internal battery switched on-Line to electronics when starter solenoid is engaged
  • With Engine Running, StarGuard goes off-Line and Internal Battery is re-Charged by the alternator
  • 3 year warranty

  • StartGuard
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Input: 12 Vdc, Nominal Charging: 13.8 - 14.8 Vdc, 15.5 Vdc Max
Relay Activation Input Voltage: 7 - 15 Vdc
Output: 20 Amps Max
Back-Up Amps: 20 Amps for 1 Minutes, 18 Amps for 2 Minutes
Battery: Sealed Lead-Acid, Rechargable 5 A/H, 5-7 Years Typical Life
Operating Temperature: 0-40 C
Weight: 6 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

Instruction Manual.pdf (490 Kb)

outline drawing 426-3222-0
Mobile Data Power System (MDP) - 425-5230-0
NAV-PAC - 425-2988-0

The StarGuard provides supplemental power to sensitive electronics while the engine is bein cranked. It contains a sealed rechargeable battery which is switched on-line whenever the starter switch or solenoid is engaged. When the engine is running and system voltage returns to normal, StartGuard automatically goes off-line and the internal battery is recharged by the alternator and readied for the next start sequence. Two separate sense terminals are provided for vehicles with dual engines or ignition switches.