Dura-Flex, Flexible Solar Power Charging System

dura flex solar panel
  • Flexible panel curves to a maximum 30 degree arc
  • Industrial grade panel, components and heavy duty mounts designed for emergency vehicle use
  • Numerous size panels match available roof space;
    panels can be wired in parallel for higher output
  • Voltage controller adapts to properly charging different battery types
  • Kits contain all parts needed for vehicle installations
Complete Heavy Duty Kits Designed for Emergency Vehicle Installation
- Keep up with vehicle loads without running engine or
  plugging in
- Helps comply with anti idle laws
- Saves fuel cost and engine maintenance
- Eliminate the need to jump start reserve vehicles
- Ideal for vehicles with mobile computers and radios

Kit Includes:
- Detailed instructions and parts provided, assures
  professional installation, eliminates installer guess work and parts sourcing
- Load control option (set timer)
- Industrial grade solar panel with 5 year warranty
- Temperature compensated charge controller
- Heavy duty vibration dampened mounting system
- 20 foot duplex wire
- Waterproof wire feed-through fitting included
- All mounting hardware included
flex solar panel hardware

  • 50 Watt Panel
  • 100W Panel
Volts: 12 Vdc
Amps: 2.8 Amps Max
Watts:: 50 Watts
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Panel Warranty: 5 Years
Panel Size: 21.2" x 21.8" x 0.12"
Printable Datasheet.pdf (1.74 Mb)
Instruction Manual.pdf (1.07 Mb)

Volts: 12 Vdc
Amps: 5.7 Amps Max
Watts:: 100 Watts
Weight: 4.0 lbs
Panel Warranty: 5 Years
Panel Size: 21.3" x 41.8" x 0.12"
Printable Datasheet.pdf (1.74 Mb)
Instruction Manual.pdf (1.07 Mb)