Auto Pump Status Center, Model #: 091-198-12-PP

Auto Pump Status Center, Voltage and Pressure 091-198-12-VP
  • 1/8” NPT air supply connection
  • 2.5 digit PSI display
  • 5-segment bar graph display
  • 3.5 digit voltage display
  • 3 year warranty

  • Auto Pump Status Center
  • Downloadable
  • Outline
  • Related
Input Voltage: 7-16 Vdc
Input Current: 100 mA, Max
Air Supply: 150 PSI Max
Weight: .5 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

Datasheet.pdf (442 Kb)
Instruction Manual.pdf (237 Kb)

auto pump status center, voltage and pressure, outline drawing
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