Auto Charge Deluxe Status Center, Model #: 091-194-IND

auto charge deluxe status center
  • Optional remote indicator for: Auto Charge 1200, Auto Charge 1200 Remote, Auto Charge 40/20, Pump Plus 1200, and LPC 40
  • LED's Indicate Status Of Battery Condition
  • Digital Display shows battery voltage and current from the charger
  • LED Flashes when low or high voltage is detected
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • 3 year warranty

  • Status Center
  • Downloadable
  • Outline
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Input: 12 Vdc from Battery
LED Voltage Set Points: High Voltage - 14.82 Vdc and Above
                                             Fully Charged - 13.08 Vdc to 14.82 Vdc
                                             Charging - 12.30 Vdc to 13.08 Vdc
                                             Low Voltage - 12.30 Vdc and Below
Weight: .25 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

Product Specifications.doc (1.05 Mb)

outline drawing auto charge status center
Auto Charge Status Center - 091-189-12
Auto Charge Status Center 3 1/2 Digit - 091-189-12-3.5D
Auto Charge Dual Status Center - 091-189-2-12
Auto Charge Dual Status Center 3 1/2 Digit - 091-189-2-12-3.5D
Auto Charge Deluxe Water Tight Status Center - 091-194-IND-WT
Indicator Seal - 091-39-109
Vertical Indicator Mount - 091-91-013

The Auto Charge Deluxe Status Center is a remotely mounted, digital voltage and ampere display, a 5 segment bar graph display to indicate output current, and 4 LED's to show the condition of the batteries. The High Voltage and Low Voltage LED's blink to indicate that there may be a problem with the vehicles electrical system. This indicator is an option for the Auto Charge 1200, Auto Charge 1200 Remote, Auto Charge 40/20, Pump Plus 1200 and LPC 40.
There is a 3 1/2 digit indicator that displays battery voltage with an accuracy of 30 millivolts, and a 3 digit indicator that displays charger current with an accuracy of 100 millivolts.
The unit is designed to be mounted on the outside of a vehicle to readily indicate the battery condition. The indicator fits Kussmaul standard indicator panel cut outs, and comes with a 3 year warranty.